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I.Stravinsky in D

P.I.Tchaikovsky op.35 in D major

J.Sibelius op.47 in D minor

J.Brahms op.77 in D major 

D.Shostakovich No.1 op.99 in A minor 

S.Prokofiev No.1 op.19 in D major

S.Prokofiev No.2 op.63 in G minor

F.Mendelssohn op.64 in E minor 

C.Nielsen op.33 

W.A.Mozart No.4 KV 218 in D major

W.A.Mozart No.5 KV 219 in A major

J.S.Bach BWV1041 in A minor

J.S.Bach For Two Violins BWV1043 in D minor 

Sonatas with piano

L.van Beethoven No.1 in D major op.12 No.1

L.van Beethoven No.3 in E-flat major op.12 No.3

L.van Beethoven No.7 in C minor op.30 No.2

L.van Beethoven No.9 “Kreutzer” op.47

S.Prokofiev No.1 in F minor op.80

J.Brahms No.2 in A major op.100

J.Brahms No.3 in D minor op. 108

C.Franck in A major

W.A.Mozart No.18 in G major KV301

W.A.Mozart No.32 in B-flat major KV454

F.Poulenc FP 119

C.Debussy in G minor L.140

F.Schubert Fantasy in C major, op.163

M.Ravel No.2 in G major , M.77

Other works with piano/ for violin solo

J.S.Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo

E.Ysaÿe Sonata for Violin Solo No.4 op.27

E.Ysaÿe Sonata for Violin Solo No.6 op.27

E.Ysaÿe Poème élégiaque op.12

E.Chausson Poème op.25

M.Ravel Tzigane M.76

F.Waxman Carmen Fantasy

C.Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso op.28

S.Prokofiev Five Melodies op.35bis

J.Sibelius 6 Pieces for Violin and Piano op.79

P.I.Tchaikovsky Valse Sentimentale op.51 no.6

P.I.Tchaikovsky Valse-Scherzo op.34

H.Wieniawski Faust Fantasy op.20

T.Escaich "Nun komm..."

 This list shows the main works played in the last five years. For further questions/requests on the repertoire please contact to anna_tanaka2(at) or use the contact form.

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